Mission Statement

Beachwood is dedicated to using expert craftsmen and quality products to construct superior homes -- homes which meet our customers' needs and budgets; homes built on-time and supported by outstanding service; and homes which express pride.


To produce exceptional homes, Beachwood implements a system of Quality Through Communication (QTC). QTC involves a grueling inspection process which demands ongoing and thorough communication with customers, craftsmen, and suppliers.


  • Consultation and ongoing communication, enhanced by QTC, are the foundation for our quality homes.


  • Our expert craftsmen are adept at handling challenging designs and detailed specifications.
  • Pride is incorporated into our craftsmanship.


  • Attention to details assures that our homes meet our customers' lifestyle needs.
  • QTC's extensive quality-control inspections result in no detail left unchecked.

Product Selection

  • Knowledge of manufacturers, product lines, and materials allows us to suggest the high-quality products which meet our customers' needs and budgets.


  • We build "Code Plus" homes; they exceed building code requirements.
  • We offer long-term structural and home warranties.


Service means "assistance" and we are committed to assisting our customers through every aspect of the building experience.


  • Effective communication with our customers is the anchor of outstanding service.


  • Advanced scheduling is virtually unmatched by our competition.
  • Customer frustration from "not knowing" is replaced by satisfaction from understanding the building production timetable.

Post-Construction Follow-Ups

  • Many competitors have a pre-determined follow-up schedule. Beachwood's follow-up philosophy is simple: If a customer has a service need, we are only a phone call away -- any time, any day.

Beachwood, Inc. is a superior custom-home builder, servicing the local Eastern Shore for nearly a decade. Our company thrives because it was built on a simple premise:

People Are The Key to Success:

  • It's people who have building needs, ideas, and concerns who are our customers.
  • It's people who choose quality products and produce quality craftsmanship.
  • It's people who service our customers with straight-forward and helpful communication.
  • It's people who "grade" our "report card" -- they are the judge of our homes and the lifeline of our business.

Beachwood's emphasis on people extends into the Eastern Shore community; our company plays an active role in several organizations and causes, helping to maintain the quality of life on the Eastern Shore.